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Sounds of Berklee Feature

Here is a feature about my involvement in the podcast and my band Lonely Path. I have learnt so much from this position and also given 'above and beyond' with my involvements in it's production.

Aboriginal Music Development


This is an album I recorded and produced over the summer of 2018 on a camel station near the remote community of Fregone, South Australia. It is collaboration between musicians from 6 different communities on the APY (Native Title) Lands in South Australia and my father, a longstanding Aboriginal Music Pioneer and producer Bill Davis (co-founder of CAAMA Music and Bush Bands Festival) and is music directed at a better wellbeing for the people of these lands.  My experiences and learning at Berklee College of Music was deeply influential on my abilities to return home and help to foster fresh, contemporary, Aboriginal Music from the heart of Australia. This is one of the best things I have ever done and this documentary below shows and explains it really well:

Documentary about UPK#6


Since learning the craft of podcasting at with 'Sounds of Berklee' I decided to start a podcast and youtube channel with my friend and Music Business major student Jack Bradley. We aim to have 100 subscribers by the end of the semester!

Screen Shot 2019-03-29 at 2.54.32 am.png

On top of 'Sounds of Berklee' I have also taken on the role of editor and engineer for the new Berklee podcast 'Signal Flow' . which delves into music production which I am deeply passionate about. This is an episode I am particularly proud of featuring Izotope CTO Jonathon Bailey.

Signal Flow  Podcast

Power Station Article

Screen Shot 2019-03-29 at 3.54.17 am.png

Here is an article I volunteered my time and interest to write for The Birn featuring Stephen Webber who I interviewed about the Power Station Studio in New York.

You can read the full article here

Kids Songs 

These songs are for trauma informed learning for primary school aged students, to give the kids strategies to stay engaged in school. I produced and recorded these tracks with teacher Pia Harrison for Sadadeen Primary School. My favourite track is 'Space Invaders'

All the things you are

Here's a rap version of the Jazz standard All the Things You Are featuring some great Berklee musicians that I made for Valentine's Day that got almost 5k plays, 28 shares and 347 likes on Facebook

Charlemont Reggae Festival

After my in depth reggae immersion with the Bob Marley ensemble and One Drop I was lucky enough to be involved in the Charlemont Reggae Festival with the next semesters ensemble which was a truly special experience. Other notable gigs were Berklee Summer in The City at the ICA and the Berklee Gala.

In the summer of 2017 I got to be good friends with Berklee presidential scholarship awardee Jesus Molina - we started jamming every Sunday in the 1108 B3 Organ practice room with various musicians which we nicknamed 'Jam of The Lamb' which was a really unique fusion of freestyle hip hop and Jazz. I was honoured to be asked to make a video with him at Studio 1 in the Fall Semester 2017.

RIP 2016

This song represents a breakthrough in hip hop songwriting for me. The impact of liberal arts professor Pratt Bennett in my first semester was immeasurable, it helped refine my lyrical abilities, culminating in my most viral video to date 'RIP 2016' which I released shortly after the new year of 2017 to overwhelming positive feedback from many people around the world and clocked up almost 12k views, 456 likes and 94 shares on Facebook. 

Clubs and RA work

I am an active member of the AES club helped to organise these events:

Here are some of the events I ran as a summer R.A. in 2017

crafts cartoons and cereal.jpg

First Podcast

AES Mic Shootout.png


I have absolutely loved being involved with the BIRN as an engineer and DJ featuring a livestream on my facebook to expose my wider international networks to Berklee Artists on The Birn. These skills helped catalyze plans for growing an original Podcast and Youtube Channel Aux Cord University, with friend and music business student Jack Bradley.

This was one of the first episodes I produced after becoming 'Podcast Assistant' for the college - I even narrated it too! I ended up having some mentoring with Marco on 'New 'Orleans Rhythms' for my 'Music of The Meters' ensemble.

First Podcast

Introduction to Berklee Online

This song represents my introduction to Berklee and Jazz Harmony - a love song about II-V-Is basically. I took 2 Berklee online courses while I still lived in Alice Springs including 'Jazz Composition' with Joseph Mulholland (the author of the Harmony textbooks I would find out). It was featured on the Berklee online website as a standout composition in the class.

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